Warranty Details

Warranty Details Akron none

Waterloo Transmissions Warranty

Waterloo Transmissions offers 3-year, 100,000-mile warranties on many of our transmissions as well as the labor-limited warranty on domestic passenger cars and light trucks. This warranty protection is good at any of our Waterloo Transmission Service Centers or any authorized dealer in the United States or Canada. Full warranty disclosure is available upon request.

Allison Transmission Warranty

Warranties on Allison Transmissions vary depending on unit type and application. Waterloo Transmissions will furnish separate warranty coverage and consideration as it applies to the specific Allison unit and its utilization. Authorization must be received from Waterloo Transmissions prior to any repairs or replacements of any transmission or converter under warranty.

ATRA Golden Rule Warranty

The Golden Rule Warranty is a nationwide warranty plan issued and serviced by authorized ATRA members in good standing.

The ATRA Golden Rule Warranty is offered under three terms: 12 months; 24 months and 36 months.

Contact us today to discuss the warranty options tailored to meet your specific needs.