Do You Offer Transmission Problem Inspections?

Transmission Problem Diagnostic Inspection

Waterloo Transmissions offers a performance inspection to assist in diagnosing any problems your may be experiencing with your transmission. Our thorough performance inspection includes a fluid check, examination of the pan, a driving test, and inspection using a lift. This provides a comprehensive diagnostic inspection of your vehicle's transmission performance and routine operation.

Fluid Inspection

Checking the transmission fluid is usually the primary indicator of possible transmission damage and wear. A properly operating transmission will have a clear, red fluid. If there is discoloration or an undesirable odor in combination with other trouble signs, an internal inspection of the transmission may be required. When inspecting the transmission fluid, our technicians will see if any of these symptoms may appear.

Road Test

Road testing the vehicle requires two tests. One being a stationary test and the other a driving test. During both of these, the transmission is inspected for sound of slipping, erratic shifting, and late or early shift patterns.

Pan Examination

Examining the transmission pan can be a great indicator of potential sources of problems as it permits a partial look at the inside of the transmission. And while most transmission pans may have some metal particulates, excessive amounts of metal are signs of internal wear and transmission damage.

Lift Inspection

Inspecting the vehicle while on a lift may determine the type of adjustment, repair or replacement that could be needed. In a lift inspection, our transmission technician will inspect the following:

  • Electronic Components
  • Fluid Retention
  • Neutral Switch
  • Manual Linkage
  • Modulator
  • Modulator Vacuum
  • Throttle Linkage
  • Transmission Mounts
  • U-Joints

When the completion of your performance inspection indicates that an internal problem is present with your transmission, Waterloo Transmissions suggests further examination with an internal transmission inspection. This examination consists of removing vehicle's transmission and disassembling it to inspect the internal parts. In the internal inspection, all transmission parts are examined for wear and damage. When finished, one of our technicians will provide a report of the items that are in need of replacement or repair, along with an estimate for the same.

Post Performance Inspection Recommendations

No problem with the transmission. The performance inspection indicates that no repairs or adjustments are required.

Preventive Maintenance Service. This service helps to minimize or prevent any transmission problems before they begin. Our specialists will replace the transmission's fluid and filter if necessary.

External Repair / Adjustment. This service includes any repairs to the exterior of the transmission that does not involve the removal of the transmission.

Reseal Service. This process requires the transmission's removal for replacement of any leaking transmission seals. Waterloo Transmissions performs this service after the transmission inspection. It is intended to repair leaking transmissions that do not have any other internal problems.

Internal Inspection Services. Our transmission specialists will thoroughly evaluate all internal components of the transmission. Waterloo Transmissions performs this service if the performance inspection shows the transmission to have an internal problem. Waterloo Transmissions will remove the transmission, disassemble and inspect ALL internal transmission parts excessive wear. Upon your approval, our technician will replace only those necessary parts with parts meeting OEM specs to give the transmission an ability to obtain optimal operation and performance. Finally, when all work is completed, the transmission is reinstalled.

When the vehicle has undergone the performance inspection, and you have received a professional service from our qualified specialists, the vehicle is once again ready to hit the roads of the greater Akron area.